3 y axis matlab

Matlab graphics restrictions is one reason I still use Excel to present results. An example presents the risk-reward of an investment: 3 data sets, 2 y-axes, common date x-axis 1 data set is a vertical bar-chart of compounded returns over a rolling time period. Jan 13,  · I want 3 line in one graph but with 3 axis representing their respective line. For example for Y1 yaxis value range should of range between -1 to 1 but if i use exp(i.e. Y2) axis to represent Y1 then it may give straight line. lim = axis returns the x-axis and y-axis limits for the current axes. For 3-D axes, it also returns the z -axis limits. For polar axes, it returns the theta -axis and r -axis limits.

3 y axis matlab

How to make a graph with multiple axes in MATLAB. sin(10*x); % Create a plot with 2 y axes using the plotyy function fig = figure; [ax, h1, h2] = plotyy(x, y1, x. I am **brand** new to MatLab, so bear with me. I am attempting to plot multiple time series together on a single graph with at least 3 y-axes. addaxis example kobigal.com One possibility you can try is to create 3 axes stacked one on top of the other with.]

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Matplotlib Tutorial 24 - multi y axis plotting volume on stock chart

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