77 ai map doomsday

Hello DotA Gamers!After waiting for several months, PBMN released DotA Official vb AI This AI Map have a codename calls: DOOMSDAY. This release is having some heavy tweaks to the items system + AI`s having their own courier to bring them the goods. Apr 12,  · Map DotA c AI c (DOOMSDAY) by PleaseBugMeNot. Also, we sent Green_Sliche to talk with the AIs in person and get their item preferences on list. He did not also bring them to us but he used his time there to teach the AIs using some of the new and old items.. which they didn`t use yet. With fewer words: Green made all the item builds. Here is the Dota b Download area, the official sub number is with the extra name Doomsday!. Play one of unique Dota heroes and join the battle! dia Here is the Dota Ai b Download: Download. For newer Dota Ai maps view or Dota Ai maps page.

77 ai map doomsday

The Doomsday Edition is the official Dota Ai b ++ Get your Dota Ai Download here ++ Changelog and Screenshot of the Dota Ai Map! DotA Version: Dota Ai b. Filename: DotA vb AI w3x. Language: English. Release. Hi guys, releases new version Ai: DotA vb AI It is an oficial version of Dota Ai-maps and originated from PleaseBugMeNo. Choose from. (Actualización) DotA vc AI b. Saludos ¿Por qué DOOMSDAY (Día del Juicio Final) te preguntaras? Bueno New: Ported the map content to latest DotA b Added new “Gold/Exp Mode” “Quest” in Map Info.]

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DotA v6.77b AI 1.1.7 Fun 2.7c

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