Ace attorney objection voice clips s

An unofficial subreddit for all things Ace Attorney, gaming's most accurate best lawyer simulator. Favorite "Objection!" voice? (kobigal.comorney) Edgeworth's original english voice clips with the slight classy accent (Seon King) are my absolute favorite with Wright's original (Ben Judd) coming in . Since CAPCOM figured out they can cash in on audio nostalgia with the Resident Evil series (the new RE2 has a DLC which replaces all of the soundtrack and I think sounds as well with the old audio from the original game) I'd love it if the next Ace Attorney had the option to switch to the old voice clips. Ace Attorney Uploads: Voice Clips Back to index Rina-chan's folder Miscellaneous Clips (PLvsPW) Objection Hold It Take That Got It Extra; Phoenix Wright: Objection. With Layton. Hold It: Take That: Got It: Hang On. Welcome. Thanks a Bunch. Professor Layton: Objection. With Wright.

Ace attorney objection voice clips s

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. From The Cutting Room Floor Audio clip of Phoenix saying "Have a look!" Unused puzzle Impossible? OBJECTION! The file name is similar to the sound effects used in the court segments. Download via Phoenix Wright Music Archive Naruhodou Ryuuichi ~ Objection! . Contains the same 12 tracks from the Tanomi Version (only the cover is. ◇This app will now run on a Nexus 7 running Android ◇ There are no "Objections!" to this exciting entry of the Ace Attorney series! Become a lawyer .]

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Ace Attorney Hold it, Objection, Take That

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