Arma 3 fps test

Jun 17,  · I just recently bought Arma 3 and have been playing on an Altis Life server. I'm assuming the server has mods in it. I put everything on the lowest settings even though my rig is decent. I get anywhere from FPS on the servers I play on. My rig includes a Intel K, GTX , 8GB Ram. I'm not sure if it's the server or my end. Aug 30,  · We are Recruiting members for our Arma community (Growing Fast) - we are currently doing cool and fun operations within differnt maps, - we have mixed countries and we have a awesome community so far - we have a good set of staff offering to help create stuff so far, very good dev team - . Apr 17,  · well theres no other way externally i dont see what the problem with not using fraps because hes only wanting to CHECK fps. Only issue i see is the belief its resource heavy (only when recording) and you dont get performance if you dont record to a .

Arma 3 fps test

Arma 3 installed to SSD (Samsung gb) . On the first run I get terrible FPS in the first test due to the textures still loading, gets better. Steam Workshop: Arma 3. About minutes long scripted intro for measuring your average FPS. Emphasis on AI fighting performance, bullets. FPS Estimates · Arma 3. △ Arma 3 Average FPS: 1, samples. 2. Choose Resolution. 3. Choose GPU . Test your PC Build a PC. FPS Estimates.]

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ArmA 3 Exile Mod - GTX 1080Ti Strix FPS TEST

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