Baseball games behind calculator

Feb 27,  · I'm looking for a formula to determine games back based on wins, losses, ties and also based on the number of games played. example, team 1 played 9 games and is Team 2 has played 9 games and is Team 2 is would be a 1/2 game back. Team 3 has played 8 games and is also a 1/2 game behind team 1 but tied with team 2. Sep 26,  · How to Calculate the Games Back Number for a Sports Teams Standings. Ever been looking into the sports paper, and notice your team is in second place or first place, and how do they determine what place your team is in? This article will 67%(25). Baseball Stats Calculator. Are you one of those fans who is dedicated and devoted to the decimal point? Baseball Almanac is pleased to present a fun and easy to use baseball stats calculator designed to calculate batting average, on-base percentage, slugging average and total bases.

Baseball games behind calculator

Games back calculator will calculate how many games behind one team is compared to another Generally, Games back is used in baseball and basketball. Due to a quirk in the way standings are calculated throughout a baseball To calculate how many games back one team is from the division leader, take the. Total games: Wins for To make a graph of the Win Expectancy of a baseball game, use the graph a game tool. This data Baseball statistic calculators.]

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