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Jul 04,  · Answer 11 of My wife is ADDICTED to Kpop, and we want to do a Kpop trip next year, What is the best time of year to visit South Korea? First for the weather, second for the concerts? Are there any festivals or concerts with more than one band. Apr 23,  · allkpop Forums. Forums allkpop. It's easy to sign up! Welcome to our community. Sign Up Now! K-POP. Korean Music. Comeback Threads. Discussions: who do you think is the best . May 26,  · Kpop Idols Who Graduated From The School of Performing Arts (SOPA) in

Best of kpop forums

Best Rapper (if they have more than one)? - Key Ever since Allkpop changed their format, their forums have been dead (there were. yo am I the only annoying kpop stan here or are there some hiding bc no one seems to understand Iam not but my best friends love the k-pop. Dedicated & Fun Community Of International KPOP Enthusiasts & Fans.]

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