Digital photography glossary pdf

Glossary of Photography Terminology. Digital Photography Terminology – JPEG JPEG In digital photography terminology, JPEG is a type of lossy file format. Stands for J oint P hotographic E xperts G roup. It is the most common file format used in digital photography. When the image is saved, the camera strips out data (parts of the photo). Digital Photography Glossary. An HP Real Life technology that intelligently estimates missing color information to produce a high-quality image. Depth of field. The area in front of and behind the main subject of a photograph that remains in focus; can be affected by . Photoxels Photography + Digital Pixels Digital Photography is a marriage of traditional photography (you still gotta develop an eye for what makes a good picture) and digital pixels, hence: Digital Photography = Photography + Digital Pixels = Photoxels.

Digital photography glossary pdf

understanding of photographic terminology. . Digital photography brings computer jargon into the terminology of the digital age, of historic photographic. Digital Photography Glossary. 1 of 6. Check out common terms you need to know for digital imaging. From PCPhoto Magazine. Aberration. Essentially, anything. Learn the following digital photography, digital printing and digital imaging terms to become a better photographer.]

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Fundamentals of Digital Photography: Common Misconceptions

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