Greeting card 2016 able yearly calendar

The calendar is 11cm x 8 cm (4 3/8" x 3 1/8") unfolded and has a faint grey outline to cut and crease if you want to fold it into a business card sized calendar. There would be space for notes on the back of the page, or inside, if folded, like for holidays. The calendar is neutral with no holidays marked. Items on are available for users to print for no charge with your paper, ink, and printer. These items may be printed for any legitimate, legal, non-defamatory purpose as long as our name is left on them. The printed items may only be given away and may not be sold without our permission. Our new calendar mixes them all in such a lovely way. Our printable calendar is set up so that you can add events, birthdays and holidays to every day of the year as well as remove the American holidays that we have included if you live in another country. We .

Greeting card 2016 able yearly calendar

Bring home the best calendar on the block with our fresh, contemporary wood block desk calendars. Each calendar comes with 12 rounded corner cards that fit . Every year our popular Showcase Calendar brings clients great inspirations on Thank you for visiting Anpak at Frankfurt Book Fair the corner, catch the limited time to Order your bespoke greeting cards. Anpak installed this binding line and it is able to bind up to sets of calendar per hour with maximum size . If you need to order more than 50 Greeting Cards, you can get an extra 25 cards for just $ and an additional Calendar Card will be included.]

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