Halo 3 modded game save

Jul 17,  · GameSave mods from DeadCanadian. the other paragraph is just simple instructions how to get them to work. cause theres a differant with halo 3 and halo 3 odst saves. you have to change your mac address to that of the saves or they dont work. Aug 14,  · → Games → Halo 3 / ODST → Mods Then click Download to halo 3 (the thing you click on is located below the arthurs of the maps name) then sign out of your xbox , sign back in then go to theater plat the film you just downloaded then go to theater or forge and the map will be in recent games then click x next to map to save in recent. Aug 27,  · Modded Halo 3 campaign saves made with a JTAG. Follow the included directions to use these mods, anyone with a transfer cable or an xbox usb flash drive can use these. Save 1: .

Halo 3 modded game save

I wanted to know what the mod tools for Halo 3, ODST, and Reach even do. The halo 3 save game mod tool is free, odst and Reach are. Here are two modded campaign saves I made on the covenant. The Mac Address used is AAAAAAAAAAAA. Feel free to move this to the main. Save Requests escort, (REQUEST) Halo 3 Game Save, escort in Save After each level you have to use the editor again, the mods reset ;).]

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Halo 3 - Saving The Pelicans On Sierra 117 Without Mods

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