Mac os x default alert sound

The version of Mac OS X being used is When I click the back button on an empty terminal windows if give a alert sound which is the 'Funk' sound in the System Preferences -> Sound -> Sound. If you ever get annoyed with the default “Funk” alert sound on macOS, Apple includes a handful of different built-in sounds for you to choose from if you want to change it. While Apple has a nice little variety for you to select, a great way to make your Mac more Author: Logan Mcgregor. Feb 28,  · The Mac makes an alert sound when certain dialog boxes, errors, and other user interactions are encountered in OS X. Most Mac users likely know that you can change the alert sound to one of your choice by going to the Sound preference panel in OS X, but did you know you can easily make a custom alert sound for the Mac as well?

Mac os x default alert sound

Every macOS/OS X update has its own quirks, and those quirks can be their Sound Effects—which include alert sounds—to be on the same. Hello,. What's the default alert sound in El Capitan? I know it's a dumb question, but I've recently noticed that my Macbook has been making the. Discussion in 'macOS' started by mmmatthew, Sep 24, Just wondering what the default was as I'm fairly sure it hasn't always made this sound. Is it Funk .]

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How to change the default alert sounds on Mac with MacOS Sierra - The Xtra

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