Ongo app auto rickshaw

Jan 25,  · Ongo app had a pilot launch in September and is already being used by approximately 15, Mumbai auto rickshaw drivers for cashless payments. The app aims to simplify the travel experience for both commuters and drivers by eliminating the need to keep loose change or cash at, the app enables auto rickshaw drivers to fill gas in Author: Brian Pereira. Jan 13,  · How Mobile Apps Are Improving India’s Rickshaws. Noisy and ungainly, India’s three-wheeled auto rickshaws are an iconic form of urban transport that can be hard to love. Without knowing their place in Indian life, an outsider might take one look at their loud engines and open sides and suggest that rickshaws should be replaced with modern vehicles. Ongo App – Mumbaikar’s wallet for day-to-day payments on the go for auto, taxi and merchant outlets. Avoid the hassle of looking for change when you travel by auto rickshaw/taxi or while you shop, indulge in your favourite street food or get a beverage on the go.

Ongo app auto rickshaw

Your interaction with autorickhshaw drivers is set to become less stressful with the launch of a new mobile app for cashless fare payments. Ongo app launched by Indian PM with e-rickshaw payment The app programme also provides a prepaid card to auto rickshaw drivers to fill. Ongo App Auto Rickshaw Hello Guys, Today i am going to tell you about Ongo App Auto Rickshaw Payment Wallet Rs. 50 Credit on Sign up for Mumbai only.]

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Auto Rickshaw / Taxi VS Mobile App Based Taxi Services - Mumbai - Public Reaction - ShitChat

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