Soine kareshi drama cd

Hi! This is just a list of drama cd that I have listened and the ones I want to listen u_u (I dont understand japanese but I enjoy hearing my fave seiyuus voice XD And when there are translations I always listen to the cd while reading the translation X3) This more for me since I do. Fans of both the Soine Kareshi application and Ryotaro Okiayu can rejoice! One of the spin off series of the “Soine Kareshi” Series “Soine Hitsuji” will get its own app! VisualWorks combines the Soine Kareshi (Sleepy-Time Boyfriend) Situation CD series with the interaction of smart phones. Mostly (her) words, not mine. Namidame 5′s heroine has a penchant for the dramatic. 16 notes 20 hours ago. drama cd; namidame; still bitter this volume has a ss but the other ones don't.

Soine kareshi drama cd

Drama cds I have listened. Starry☆Sky Seiza Kareshi Vol. 3 『Pisces』 - Sugita Tomokazu; Kiss x Kiss Collection Vol. 11 - Sugita Tomokazu; Shukan Soine Vol. The Soine App that was hogging the iphone market, has finally arrived to Android ! Android Otome App Review: Soine Kareshi ~Kakeru~ . I tend to fall asleep with my headphones on listening to cd dramas (and such). 1 Yasuomi 添い寝羊 CD vol.1 恭臣 Price: Yen (w/tax) Date that made BlackButterfly's Soine Kareshi (Sleepy Boyfriend) series so successful. Shinsengumi Kitan, Hiiro no Kakera and many popular otome games.]

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Ikezu kareshi no Otoshikata 1 (manga+drama cd)

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