Stuck at 99.9 percent utorrent

Jan 04,  · Alot of my torrents, especially the ones that download super fast are getting stuck downloading one piece and hang at percent for what can sometimes take an eternity. These aren't bad torrents, I have lots of peers seeding at percent. My router is not set in DMZ mode which the Azureus wiki said could be part of the problem. Dec 23,  · BitTorrent getting stuck at % Hi everyone, Expanding on from the title description, all my torrents are failing to complete % using the latest uTorrent BitTorrent client regardless of . Dec 19,  · The striking thing is how many end at that % mark, not the fact that many torrents never complete. I see quite a few that never complete, but at a percentage much lower. It seems odd to me that there would be so many other peers out there, and all of them unable to complete the download.

Stuck at 99.9 percent utorrent

I have a torrent (download) that has been stuck on %. It's just one big file. Is there any way to tell which % is missing (i.e. byte. want to cross-seeding from my PC to the tracker, but when I download the torrent from the tracker and check it to see it it gets stuck in %. Hi, all my torrents since 2 days are stuck at %. Here's what I would do to try and get that last percent (or fraction of a percent) finished.]

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How to fix uTorrent stuck at Connecting to Peers

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