X hero siege 3.85

Jan 30,  · In case you were able to survive long enough you have to try to kill the bosses. Play time: 3 hours approx. It also supports differnt game modes: Easy (like normal but k gold) Normal Extreme (with differnt difficutly levels) (more & thougher creeps) differnt hero selection type, like double heros (you can switch heros)Reviews: 3. hero rising jogos guitar hero super hero super hero games super hero pictures guitar hero metallica miss age 12 Description - Warcraft Maps: X Hero Siege Objectiv: Select your Hero, defend the castle and kill all Dark Forces/5(). Sep 24,  · I believe is not an official version of x hero siege by sogat. my reasons are as follow. the format of the load screens is different The naga hero is the only hero in the game without a lvl 20 ability (believed to be fan made) P.S. I didn't run for that reason because im fairly certain its not an official version its a hacked version.

X hero siege 3.85

X hero siege Dota-Map X Hero Siege Pt.1 Dota-Map X Hero Siege X Hero Siege , Extreme, Level 4 Impossible, Dual Heroes, 8 Way, Solo X. x hero siege cheats game download . License: Freeware Genre: Game Archives | Maps Size: MB Updated: 07/13/ 1, Total downloads. Anime x hero siege vw3x, MB, , 3. AnimeFinalBattle .. Green Solo TD v New w3x, MB, , 4. Green Solo TD.]

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Warcraft 3: X Hero Siege! Practice Run

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