X hero siege new map

Warcraft 3 Maps The best Warcraft 3 custom maps site. X Hero Siege Map List. X Hero Siege Cerfelios Download. Posted on Oct 17, AM (2 votes, average: out of 5). Oct 17,  · X Hero Siege Cerfelios Download by Bryan Alexis C. Battle against the forces of darkness to increase your powers, abilities and kobigal.com Heroes,spells,bosses,difficulties,items and more!. X Hero Siege Cerfelios g.w3x (6 MB) Map Title: X Hero Siege Map Category: Hero 5/5(2). Dec 14,  · It's a great game. I love X Hero Siege. It's length rocks. Unfortunately that also makes ppl who have to go well. go. So I like the length of the game as it adds a lot more challenge. Even if it has its shortcomings, X HERO SIEGE IS THE GREATEST MAP OF ALL. DotA stinks! DOWN WITH DOTA! UP WITH X HERO SIEGE!! Maybe come up with more heroes.

X hero siege new map

Facebook Page for the Dota 2 mod ported from warcraft 3: X Hero Siege. ( Reworked for X Hero Siege environment) * Added a new map: Demo mode!. Warcraft III Custom Map Database. X Hero Siege This map has been hosted a total of times across 4 realms. It also supports differnt game modes: Easy (like normal but k gold) Normal Extreme (with differnt difficutly levels) (more & thougher creeps) differnt hero.]

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X Hero Siege 3.33: Sylvanas Windrunner and Lich (Extreme, Level 4 Impossible, 8 way, Solo)

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