File counter wordpress plugin redirect

The Simple WordPress Download Monitor plugin is very useful for managing, monitoring and tracking your digital file downloads. Download counter for each file. Secure download option using PHP file dispatching. Track IP addresses of the users who downloaded your files. Dec 21,  · Objective: To redirect a URL to a different URL using the Redirection plugin for can take the place of redirects in kobigal.comss file and your affiliate redirect links. It also help you monitor your errors so you can quickly fix any broken pages. How To Add Redirects To WordPress kobigal.comss File. Your WordPress site’kobigal.comss file is a basic configuration file for your server. Through it, you can set up a variety of redirects on your site just by adding some simple code Colin Newcomer.

File counter wordpress plugin redirect

Description. Simple Redirects provides an easy method of redirecting requests to another page on your site or elsewhere on the web. It's especially handy. TF-Numbers is Responsive Random Numbers Statistics Plugin that is very easy to use and implement into any post, or page. It will ultimatelly supply you with. You can then place the counter anywhere in the content and set the alignment On the plugins dashboard in the + Page Views Count Function options box you.]

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WordPress Redirect Plugin (301 Redirect URL to Another Page)

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