Video the army of imam mahdi

The Characteristics of the Mahdi 8; The Meaning of the word Mahdi 7; The Mahdi - Signs of The Day of Judgment (Part 6) The Mahdi - Sources of our Beliefs (Part 4) The Mahdi - Between Fact and Fiction (Part 2) The Mahdi - Between Fact and Fiction (Part 1) The Mahdi shall come from Madina; The Army Of Imam Al Mahdi. The forces of Hadrat al-Mahdi (‘atfs) will be composed of various nationalities and at the time of uprising they will be called through unique means. The individuals who have been designated before as commanders will assume the responsibility of guiding the soldiers and planning war operations. The soldiers to be accepted in the army of al-Mahdi (‘atfs) under special. An al-Qaida video just released on YouTube titled “The Mahdi Army” reveals for the first time the deep degree to which al-Qaida views itself to be the prophesied apocalyptic Mahdi army. While.

Video the army of imam mahdi


see new video Video the army of imam mahdi

Army of Imam Mahdi ,The Lost Tribes of Israel from Khorasan

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